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Organic Haircoloring means understanding hair-dying as a craft once more. It does not depend on a dye product; but on skills and craft. The Haircoloring result is not ‘bio’, it’s not colorless, it can also be bursting with color, but it always looks harmonious and natural.

Organic haircoloring is everything you look for in a customized hair color: Personalized shades and dye formulae, vitality, glossy hair and nourished quality. Organic hair colors do not outgrow your hair, they grow with it and thus last twice as long as conventional dyes. That’s noticeably added value.

For some people, ORGÆNIC Haircoloring means rediscovering their own natural hair color. For others, it’s about experiencing a tailor-made hair color that expresses their own personality and beauty.


clean color

For those running their own salon, re-understanding hair-dying as a craft means embracing and creating new color aesthetics. The original, literal sense of the word ‘aesthetics’ revolves around perception by the senses. Paying more attention to clients, and reading their colors from the tone of their hair, skin and eyes, is the basis for creating personalized color formulae and hair colors.
But dying hair organically also means caring for the hair, because dye pigments can only properly develop and shine when used on healthy, naturally glossy hair.

ORGÆNIC Haircoloring works with light and shadows, with the highs and lows naturally found in hair. This results in a hair color looking vibrant, dynamic and authentic.
Organic hair dye is guaranteed to last at least twice as long as conventional dyes. Avoiding discolored hair roots, and no need for constant re-dying. ORGÆNIC Haircoloring creates an innovative hair quality you can see and feel, promising lots of fun with your new organic hair color and getting you excited about your next visit to the salon.

ORGÆNIC Haircoloring License

The ORGÆNIC Haircoloring license stands for a trend-setting service concept guaranteeing hairdressing clients unique quality and tangible added value. This license is a specialized and advanced aspect of the hairdressing trade. It’s a decision in favor of multiple years of training in organic hair-dying alongside daily salon work.
Anyone who opts to train in organic hair-coloring is part of the ORGÆNIC family. These hairdressers recognize hair as a living creature, and give it the personalized care and attention it needs. Their ability to examine very closely, notice and perceive things, and recognize every person as someone unique is the basis of our organic philosophy.
This license stands for our desire to offer clients a genuine, faithful craft.

Students are instructed in this unique coloring technology at the ORGÆNIC Academy – Private school for personalized hair craft.
To obtain the license, hairdressers must complete 3 quality levels of organic hair-coloring, each of which coincides with an ORGÆNIC Academy training component:

  • ORGÆNIC Haircoloring Prime
  • ORGÆNIC Haircoloring Supreme
  • ORGÆNIC Haircoloring License

Salon teams also have the option of acquiring a team license in organic hair-coloring – the ORGÆNIC Haircoloring Team License.

ORGÆNIC Haircoloring is not a dye product; it’s a skilled trade. No more ugly colors.

Thomas Brockmann-Knödler


For more than 20 years, our ORGÆNIC Academy – Private school for personalized hair craft, has been giving self-employed hairdressers a unique platform to view their trade from a new perspective, create their own hair craft and statements, and establish their own unique selling point as entrepreneurs. For us, sharing our USP and experience with other hairdressers and partners is not just a matter of course; it’s absolutely imperative for achieving higher quality and greater appreciation of the hairdressing profession in Europe. We’ve got a community forming around us that wants to grow with us. Our collective aim is to shift more focus back onto skilled work, creative freedom and individuality. Are you a hairdresser who wants to get involved? Or are you a hairdressing client looking for an ORGÆNIC salon near you? Then welcome.