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Visionary action – ORGÆNIC Visions

ORGÆNIC Lifestyle is an organically evolved corporate group that operates internationally. With four salons, a private school training in personalized hair craft, a marketing and design agency, and 15 of its own brands, it is more creative and effective than many other beauty-industry heavyweights. The two visionaries and managing directors, Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knödler, are driving forces in the hairdressing industry. They incorporate their know-how into developing innovative trends, seminars and products with global relaunches that help shape the hairdressing trade worldwide. ORGÆNIC Lifestyle is the basis of their philosophy, which encourages greater vigilance, quality and individual growth in hairdressing. This approach, their forward-looking vision, and the modern community aspect are apparent in all areas of the group.

Personal growth – ORGÆNIC Learning

We’re convinced that lifelong learning is valuable for any business – but also for each individual staff member. It’s fulfilling to face new challenges, deal with modern concepts and strategies, and organically establish and secure one’s own position within the company, society and one’s own life. That’s why we provide space for (advanced) training, as well as networks for knowledge exchange, inspiration and community.

An in-depth client focus – ORGÆNIC Service

Every client these days expects their personal requests to be duly met! Because a service’s value can only increase through satisfaction, visible quality and discernible added value. Our ability to examine very closely, notice and perceive things, and view every person as someone unique, is not just the essence of our successful “Kopfarbeit und mehr®”seminar; it’s also our company’s mentality, and the basis of our organic philosophy. Because, ultimately, every brand, every seminar and every product is born out of one’s own curiosity to perfectly fulfill client requirements.

A vibrant community – ORGÆNIC Family

For more than 20 years, our ORGÆNIC Academy – Private school for personalized hair craft, has been giving self-employed hairdressers a unique platform to view their trade from a new perspective, create their own hair craft and statements, and establish their own unique selling point as entrepreneurs. For us, sharing our USP and experience with other hairdressers and partners is not just a matter of course; it’s absolutely imperative for achieving higher quality and greater appreciation of the hairdressing profession in Europe. We’ve got a community forming around us that wants to grow with us. Our collective aim is to shift more focus back onto skilled work, creative freedom and individuality. Do you want to be a part of it? Then welcome.