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SAY HI! to the experience of the “Added Value with ORGÆNIC Lifestyle” with our Face-to-Face Consulting Service via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Take advice for your individual ORGÆNIC hair color, haircut and hair care – exclusively, personally, tailor-made. ORGÆNIC LINE – REAL. TRUTHFUL. LIVE AND IN COLOR.


ORGÆNIC Lifestyle is for all those who make a conscious decision to view hair as a living creature: It’s alive, it breathes, and it has its own personality. It wants attention and TLC.

Anyone wanting to feel free hair, and who appreciates the hairdressing profession for what it originally always was – namely a genuine, intimate, interpersonal craft involving a high level of trust – is welcome in the ORGÆNIC Lifestyle family.


It’s out and about, it’s with you when you get your morning coffee, it comes with you to work, it hangs out with friends, it goes shopping, likes travelling, loves discovering new things, and is everybody’s darling. ORGÆNIC Lifestyle has a new look, new imagery, and a new logo!

Be brave and confident. Stand by your decisions, your quality and your performance. Be proud of what you’ve achieved. Wear your ORGÆNIC, your »self« outwardly: On your favorite sweater, your cap or your shopping bag. Wear it wherever you are. Show the world that you’re part of the ORGÆNIC Lifestyle family. Do all things with love and take a shot.

co-founders and married couple

We’re Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knödler, and we’re going even more organic! It was a very logical step for us to turn BrockmannundKnoedler into ORGÆNIC Lifestyle. It has long been about more than just us and our corporate group; it’s about everyone who chooses ORGÆNIC Lifestyle. You’re the ones who give this brand its strength. You’re the ones who make it vibrant and unique.
ORGÆNIC Lifestyle is always evolving! Our company pursues new ideas and develops innovative products and services that enable us to meet the modern-day needs of our clients. As hairdressers, we’re always client-focused, as visionaries, we’re looking ahead, and as developers, we’re aware that only the best is good enough. Our future products and services are made by hairdressers for hairdressers – exclusively and without compromise.
Despite being busy entrepreneurs, we still spend two days a week working passionately in the salon. Real »behind-the-chair« work is important; it’s what drives us.

Our salon and flagship store by Dresden’s Frauenkirche is the symbol and home of all things organic in every respect. It’s the think tank, the laboratory of years of hair studies, and the creative hub of our corporate group. This is where it all started. Because, ultimately, every brand, every seminar and every product is born out of one’s own curiosity to perfectly fulfill client requirements.
ORGÆNIC Lifestyle is an internationally operating, organically evolved corporate group based in Dresden. With four salons, a private school training in personalized hair craft, a marketing agency, 15 of its own brands, and the Europe-wide ORGÆNIC Haircutting® patent, it is more creative and effective than many other beauty-industry heavyweights.

ORGÆNIC Haircutting and Haircoloring are the most natural things you can do with your hair.

Petra Brockmann


For more than 20 years, our ORGÆNIC Academy – Private school for personalized hair craft, has been giving self-employed hairdressers a unique platform to view their trade from a new perspective, create their own hair craft and statements, and establish their own unique selling point as entrepreneurs. For us, sharing our USP and experience with other hairdressers and partners is not just a matter of course; it’s absolutely imperative for achieving higher quality and greater appreciation of the hairdressing profession in Europe. We’ve got a community forming around us that wants to grow with us. Our collective aim is to shift more focus back onto skilled work, creative freedom and individuality. Are you a hairdresser who wants to get involved? Or are you a hairdressing client looking for an ORGÆNIC salon near you? Then welcome.